AP News NFT Lottery

Winner List

Activity schedule

Registration deadline:Nov.1 11:59 PM (UTC)

Activity Rules

1- Follow@MetalistLab+ RT this tweet

Lottery Rules

  • We will take the final 3 numeric digits of the last Binance Chain hash value at 12:10 PM (UTC) on Nov.3 as the winning number.
  • A user’s Unique Identifier (UID) contains 9 digits at most.We extract the last 3 digits of the user’s Binance ID.
  • Then we will use the winning number to match the user’s digits, and the top 5 and bottom 5 digits close to the winning number will be rewarded.

Lottery Participating Users

Lottery Process

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Metalist Lab

Metalist Lab aims to build an ideal ecological environment based on the rights and interests of collections in the digital world.